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Service Guide

The AT&T Service Guide PDF File. (53KB) is designed to inform you about the features of your Service and answer questions you may have about the Service. The Service Guide supplements any other written materials that have been provided previously to you by AT&T.

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Premium ADSL up to 3.0/up to 384k

Premium ADSL comes with a static IP address and a NAT-capable router allowing you to connect multiple devices to the one DSL circuit. This service is not available in all service areas. As with all other AT&T DSL services, you will have the option to purchase the CPE directly from AT&T or go with AT&T managed service.

Note: If you order Self Installation with the Premium ADSL Service, you will be required to assist with the installation of the NAT router. Also note as with all other Single User services, Premium ADSL Service will NOT support hosting servers or registration of DNS.

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Static IP for Single IP IDSL/ADSL

Static IPs are generally available for the following ADSL/Single IP Services:

  • Standard ADSL 768/128k
  • Enhanced ADSL up to 3.0/up to 384k
  • Single IP IDSL 144k

Customers ordering ADSL or Single IP IDSL services will have the option to order either a Static or Dynamic IP at no additional charge. The user has the ability to NAT (subnetwork) the supplied IP and must provide the additional equipment. The user is responsible for the management of that equipment.

Note: Customers who currently have a Standard or Enhanced ADSL circuit or a Single IP IDSL circuit installed will have the ability to upgrade from a Dynamic IP to a Static IP by calling DSL Internet Service Customer Care at 877-XDSL-ATT or 877-937-5288.

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Service Level Agreements
  1. On Time Provisioning SLA
    Customers who order AT&T Business DSL Internet Service are eligible for a one (1) month credit of the Monthly Service Fee for each line, if the installation interval is greater than thirty (30) calendar days.

    Program Rules and Regulations
    Customers will not be eligible for a credit under the On Time Provisioning SLA if AT&T's failure to install within the Installation Interval is a result of one or more of the following factors:

    1. problems with ILEC facilities (e.g., ILEC special construction needed or ILEC Central Office wiring problem) or if, for any other reason local access is delayed or unavailable;
    2. faulty or incomplete customer equipment;
    3. lack of access to necessary customer facilities;
    4. any customer initiated changes to the installation date;
    5. customer missed appointments;
    6. customer changes to the order after acceptance by AT&T;
    7. any other circumstances beyond AT&T's control, including customer's actions or omissions.

  2. Service Availability SLA
    AT&T commits to a Service Availability percentage of 99.8%. Clients are eligible for a day of credit off their Monthly Service Fee if they experience an outage of 60 consecutive minutes or greater in any given day.

  3. Latency (IP Backbone) and Data Delivery (Backbone Packet Loss)
    AT&T IP Backbone Latency and Packet Loss (Data Delivery) Service Level Agreement - AT&T Business DSL Internet Service guarantees to meet the below monthly averages based on the performance of the AT&T IP Backbone. If AT&T IP Backbone Monthly Average Performance fails to meet the below targets, clients are eligible for a day of credit off of their Monthly Service Fee.
    • Latency (i.e., Roundtrip Transit Delay): no more than 39 Milliseconds
    • Roundtrip Latency
    • Data Delivery (Backbone Packet Loss) SLA: Data Delivery will be no less than 99.99% (IP Backbone Packet Loss Ration will be no greater than 00.01%).

    AT&T IP Backbone Performance results are published on AT&T's Public IP Health Site at http://ipnetwork.bgtmo.ip.att.net/pws/index.html. To request a credit for any of the above Limited Guarantees, please contact AT&T Business DSL Customer Care at 1-877-XDSL-ATT or 1-877-937-5288.

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IP Addresses

Important: Only 1 IP Address Available With ADSL or IDSL Single IP Service

Customers of the 144K, 768/128K, or up to 3.0/up to384K single-IP service will receive only one IP address. This should not be a problem for most of the users, who only use one computer with the service. However, some customers who had accidentally received more than one address will see a difference in how the service works.

Customers who use multiple PCs at different times (for example, home and work laptops) will need to make sure that they release the IP address the first PC is using before connecting the second PC to the DSL modem. This is because the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server used to assign IP addresses only assigns one address, for seven days at a time, to one device at a time at each location.

To release the IP address, follow the instructions of your particular operating system. Windows users should run winipcfg (Windows 95, 98, and ME) or ipconfig (Windows NT and 2000), select the Ethernet adapter from the drop-down menu, and click on "Release" to release the address. Then you can follow the normal PC configuration instructions for your other PC.

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Bring Your Own Customer Premises Equipment (BYOCPE)

BYO CPE is available with IDSL and SDSL Service for customers in selected serviced areas only. This feature allows unmanaged IDSL and SDSL customers who already own their own customer premises equipment to reuse it. CPE is defined as the Router, two Ethernet cables, and one power cable.

The value of bringing your own CPE is when the following may occur:

  1. Move from one location to another.
  2. Switch to AT&T from a competitor.

For a list of acceptable equipment, refer to the CPE matrix in the DSL Service Guide.

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