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Additional Email Boxes Available for Business DSL Internet Service

AT&T Business DSL Internet Service has increased the number of mailboxes available to customers to five (5) attglobal email boxes, at no charge, for ADSL and Single IP IDSL services, and ten (10) attglobal email boxes, at no charge, for SDSL and Multiple IP IDSL services.

For additional questions on email, call DSL Customer Care at 1-877-XDSLATT (1-877-937-5288).

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AT&T Business Class Dial-Up Service for AT&T DSL Customers

AT&T Business DSL Internet Service has increased the number of FREE Dial Hours from 10 to 20 hours each month for every DSL line!

AT&T Business customers who have DSL Internet Service can receive 20 hours/month of AT&T Business Internet Dial service, FREE, on AT&T's world-class Business Internet Service. AT&T Business Internet Dial offers world-class network availability and reliability in over 50 countries. For Internet access away from home or office, AT&T's Business Internet Service will provide you with an exceptionally reliable, easy-to-use dial-up service.

The following features are available with your Business Class Dial-Up service:

  • 20 hours per month, FREE
  • Each additional hour - $1.00/hour
  • 800 Number - $6.00/hour surcharge
  • Global Roaming in over 50 countries - $9.00/hour surcharge
  • ISDN - $1.00/channel hour surcharge
  • SDN 800 - $7.00/channel hour surcharge
  • Up to 5 User IDs (No additional charge, however users cannot be logged on simultaneously)
  • 6MB of email storage space per user ID
  • 10MB of web space

How to sign up:

  • Credit Card is needed to register for this new option
  • When more than 20 hours of service is used per month, the additional charges will be applied to your credit card.

How to order:

  1. To order AT&T Business Internet Service, in the United States, please go to http://www.attbusiness.net/
  2. Select About Us.
  3. Select Download our Software. (If you prefer a CD, please call 1-800-722-1425.)
  4. After the software is downloaded, you must register the software as follows:
    1. At the Offer Code prompt, enter dsldial.
    2. At the Sponsor Code, enter dsldial.
    3. At the Serial Number prompt, enter your personal DSL Order Number. If you do not have your own Order Number readily available, please call AT&T DSL Customer Care at 1-877-XDSLATT (1-877-937-5288) and give them the name, address, and phone number for the order.
    4. After entering the Offer Code and Serial Number (DSL Order Number), you will receive email information regarding your account, user ID, and email address.

You are now ready to use AT&T Business Internet Service!

This AT&T Business Internet Service plan is available to AT&T Business DSL customers ONLY. If you disconnect or cancel your DSL service, please go to http://www.attbusiness/net/, select About Us, and then select Join Us. Select the credit card option and sign up for the plan of your choice. For questions on your AT&T Business Internet Service (your business dial-up service), please call 1-800-821-4612.

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AT&T Business DSL Internet Service - Service Level Agreements Summary

  1. On Time Provisioning SLA
    Customers who order AT&T Business DSL Internet Service are eligible for a one (1) month credit of the Monthly Service Fee for each line, if the installation interval is greater than thirty (30) calendar days.

    Program Rules and Regulations
    Customers will not be eligible for a credit under the On Time Provisioning SLA if AT&T's failure to install within the Installation Interval is a result of one or more of the following factors:

    1. problems with ILEC facilities (e.g., ILEC special construction needed or ILEC Central Office wiring problem) or if, for any other reason local access is delayed or unavailable;
    2. faulty or incomplete customer equipment;
    3. lack of access to necessary customer facilities;
    4. any customer initiated changes to the installation date;
    5. customer missed appointments;
    6. customer changes to the order after acceptance by AT&T;
    7. any other circumstances beyond AT&T's control, including customer's actions or omissions.

  2. Service Availability SLA
    AT&T commits to a Service Availability percentage of 99.8%. Clients are eligible for a day of credit off their Monthly Service Fee if they experience an outage of 60 consecutive minutes or greater in any given day.

  3. Latency (IP Backbone) and Data Delivery (Backbone Packet Loss)
    AT&T IP Backbone Latency and Packet Loss (Data Delivery) Service Level Agreement - AT&T Business DSL Internet Service guarantees to meet the below monthly averages based on the performance of the AT&T IP Backbone. If AT&T IP Backbone Monthly Average Performance fails to meet the below targets, clients are eligible for a day of credit off of their Monthly Service Fee.
    • Latency (i.e., Roundtrip Transit Delay): no more than 39 Milliseconds
    • Roundtrip Latency
    • Data Delivery (Backbone Packet Loss) SLA: Data Delivery will be no less than 99.99% (IP Backbone Packet Loss Ration will be no greater than 00.01%).

    AT&T IP Backbone Performance results are published on AT&T's Public IP Health Site at http://ipnetwork.bgtmo.ip.att.net/pws/index.html. To request a credit for any of the above Limited Guarantees, please contact AT&T Business DSL Customer Care at 1-877-XDSL-ATT or 1-877-937-5288.

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