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These guides, in PDF format, provide detailed information about configuring your PC in single-user and multi-user environments for the following:
PC Configuration Guides
Windows 95 and 98PDF File. (340KB)
Windows 2000PDF File. (1MB)
Windows MEPDF File. (9KB)
Windows NTPDF File. (100KB)
Windows XPPDF File. (238KB)
Apple MacPDF File. (99KB)
Router Configuration Guides
Zyxel 643R RouterPDF File. (248KB)  
Modem Configuration Guides
Siemens SpeedStream 4100 Ethernet ADSL ModemPDF File. (979KB)  

For your convenience, all of the above documents are also available in one compressed .zip file that you can download (2.8MB).

Note: AT&T does not provide technical support in configuring premises computers or local area networks (LANs), nor with their wiring.

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