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Multiple Multiple IP IDSL and SDSL.
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The DSL access installation for this option is a two-part process, and takes place as follows:

  1. A Local Telephone company technician will install the DSL circuit from the telephone company central office to a telephone box at your location.

    You will be notified via e-mail by AT&T's DSL supplier of the committed delivery date from the local Telephone Company.

    NOTE: You must be on site to provide access to the telephone closet for this part of the installation if the telephone box is not accessible from outside or is locked.

  2. A technician from AT&T's DSL supplier will deliver and install your Customer Premises Equipment (router) at your location, activate the line, and any perform any inside wiring if necessary.

    You will be notified of this scheduled installation date via email by AT&T's DSL supplier.

    NOTE: You will need to be present for this part of the access installation.

Your purchase of this option includes up to ten AT&T Business Internet Mail (AT&T BIM) accounts. Upon successful test and turn-up of your DSL access, you will be provided your AT&T BIM account information. Please follow the E-mail setup instructions to activate your e-mail account.

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